Here’s one of the many reasons why I grow cacti from the genus Eriosyce. ;) Delightful pink flowers. The body is an interesting reddish-brown colour as well. I’ve been making an effort to treat this plant meaner since it used to look comically bloated with the slightest amount of watering. It could possibly do with a little water, but I like the almost melting-chocolate look it has to it.

Eriosyce crispa v. huascensis (Huasco, Chile)

I’ve yet to grow these as I’m currently far too fascinated with Gymnocalycium and Echinopsis.


Making a home-grown rhubarb crumble to eat for dinner. Anyone who has a problem with having puddings as the main evening meal needs to re-evaluate their whole outlook on life.

Me almost a year ago. Life update: I ate red velvet cake for breakfast. Still as of the rails as ever!