party time

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did humans invent math or did we discover it

does math even exist

i already regret making this post bc smart people keep messaging me trying to explain math and it’s making me nauseous 

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I’m starting to think the ice bucket challenge is beginning to become more of a “I want popularity” thing rather than for it’s actual purpose. Donate money instead of trying hard to show off your “hot body” or to “gain popularity”. Ugh

Even if it is becoming a bit of an ego…

Yeah,  but not everyone IS donating and there is some controversy as to whether the money raised is actually being used to research a cure as opposed to paying outrageous salaries.

No idea how legit this is but it does raise some issues. The ice bucket challenge has had it’s time - ALS has been brought to the attention of the world which is so so important but the infrastructure isn’t there yet to for it to actually be effective. Hopefully there can be a better organization that really puts in 100% effort and a substantial amount of the money raised towards the research.

ALS ice bucket challenge